Friday, June 29, 2012

Hello world!

I am the Berry-Picker

BearBerry-A small roundish juicy fruit without a stone...

Over the past 500 years, the Indigenous peoples have managed to resist and survive the civilizing process but much has been lost. Now we must rebuild our memory and determine on what basis we will build our future.
The BearBerry-Picker is a contemporary Neo-Thunderer experience and does not purport to represent a trible tradition in stone. It is a declaration of war based on the order imposed upon us by the dominant cultures of which I deny the right to validate my understanding of the current world around us.

The children will grow in numbers beyond control with a legacy of unconscious hate and ignorance for all that is natural.
Armed with the "GREED POWER" that we have instilled. They are our children and we do beLIEve that they are far more important then any other living being, and so they will do their biding for us and be forced to live a legacy of filth lies and feces that we have empower them with.
May you all WIN and PROSPER on the surface of EARTH, with your unconscious violent acts that you have and will commit though your evil and ratchet Child of DOOM!

Most of humanity has become completely dependent on
corporate-government and organize religion...
to feed it,
to clothe it,
to house it,
to doctor it,
to educate it.
to give it work.
To protect it from its self and the very totalitarian, posing as a democracy, that feeds it a systematic-manipulation of scare tactics.

To tell it what god/science to beLIEve.

Technology/Business commerce is the "god" to worship.


Without the civilized institutions most of IT would parish.
It has absolutely no skills and knowledge of self-reliance self-sustianablity or self-determination, It is a currency dependent servant/slave to the civilized system that is in full speed, running into the very "technological" wall that it has built.
It has become a parasite, with no real purpose; but for its own greed and its insecure notions that is posing as a surviver of a fantasy driven post-economic or nuclear collapse.

Is thee only real darkness and evil that exists.

At this moment there are very few with this insight.
Denying all the egocentric, self-pleasuring services and commodities of Civilization.

Living a healthy coherent existence as one possibly can, without Factory Farmed Meat/Foods, Alcohol/Drugs, Refined Tobacco and Pharmaceutical Drugs.
I Vow my eternal unconditional Love and Commitment.
To the Greatest Mother of ALL.
Because, there are only a few that still conceder, to be her only children, and I truly hope that our prayers are not being confused with those who are fearing and desperate, feeling that their survival depends on it, toting a gun or not...

The Greedy Consuming Civilian with its pretended kindness.
As it feast on the flesh of the Innocents and discard their helpless remains into the trash.